Kim Possible has been missing from the American airwaves for quite some time.

The show which featured Kim Possible, her friend Ron Stoppable, and her pet naked mole rat Rufus, ended its original run in 2007.

On February 3rd, 2014, the show returned to the air on Disney XD.

This is causing quite a stir on Twitter, as many Twitter users enjoyed the show during its first run when they were children.

Some people on Twitter are upset, believing that they missed out on the only airing of Kim Possible.

But fear not, Kim Possible lovers.  The show will air again tomorrow, February 4th, 2014,  at 10 am Eastern time on Disney XD.

Perhaps she will be around again for quite a while.

Was Kim Possible a show that you enjoyed in the past?

Do you feel like more recent Disney shows are more interesting?

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