Kobe Bryant managed to surpass Oscar Robertson in the all time high scorers in NBA list and is now ranked in the ninth place.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard managed this after making a running jumping shot with just 1 minute and 11 seconds remaining on the clock in the 3rd quarter of the game against New Orleans.

Kobe Bryant finished the game with 25 points as the team won 101 to 97.

After the game Bryant declared that this is a huge honor for him. He also added that a large part of his game is built on the work that others did before him with Oscar being especially important.

Kobe Bryant was asked by reporters about how high he wants to go on the NBA all time scorers list. His reply was that this will be seen but he is more focused on Bill Russell’s ladder.

Kobe was referring to the fact that Russell managed to win 12 NBA championships while playing. Bryant has just 5 at the moment.