Galaxy S4Shoppers from Canada hoping to buy Galaxy S4 without a contract are in for some good news.

Koodo is offering the S4 at the lowest upfront price. The device is listed at $625 CAD.

It’s the 16 GB Black Mist version that is up for grabs at this price.

Telus Canada has an upfront price of $700 CAD for the Galaxy S4, while Bell and Rogers have announced an upfront price of $669.95 CAD.

This makes Koodo’s offering the most attractive, but the carrier says the handset is ‘coming soon’, which means shoppers have to wait before they pre-order or buy it directly.

The official availability date for Galaxy S4 in Canada is 27th April, so Koodo is expected to have the device in stock next month.

How early?

That depends on Samsung’s ability to keep up with the stock demand, which is affecting other carriers as well.

Do you plan to buy the device outright or through a carrier plan?