The Writers Room is known for going behind the scenes of you favorite shows, so does this mean fans will get some new details about the final season of ‘Son’s of Anarchy’ when they interview the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter ?

The episode airs tonight, Monday, May 12 at 11 P.M. (EDT) on Sundance TV.

Sutter,who can be impossible to read, will be appearing with his wife, Katey Segal, who plays the hated but mesmerizing Gemma on SOA.

As fans know Gemma was embroiled last season in what can only be described as the shows most jaw-dropping scene to date: she murdered daughter-in-law Tara, leaving viewers stunned.

Rumors have been circling ever since that Gemma’s days are numbered and that her son Jax (Charlie Hunnam) will kill her to avenge his wife’s death.

Hopefully Segal can shed some light on her mind set while filming those scenes and confirm if the rumors are true.

Sutter has not been giving interviews, except for one he did 2 weeks ago with Larry King, where he revealed it will become “emotionally difficult to write as the season draws to an end”.

Even if he does not give fans any new information, it should still be a great interview as Kurt is known for his brilliant but colorful remarks and talks about past events on SOA.

Filming for ‘Son’s of Anarchy’ is set to begin by the end of this month for season 7 and will air in September.

You can check out a clip of the interview here.

Will you be watching tonight? Are you an SOA fan?  Share your thoughts below.