Lady Gaga appeared on the United Kingdom’s “The Paul O’Grady Show” on Friday (June 17th). A few hours earlier the singer notified nearly 10,990,000 of her followers on Twitter that “Tonight HAUS OF GAGA is taking over Paul O’Grady in the UK! I’m performing 5 songs and a very special performance art piece ♥ Mother Monster”.

Gaga performed her hit songs “You and I,” “Born This Way,” “The Edge of Glory” and “Judas.” When it came to the performance of her song “Hair,” the singer surprised the audience (and those at home) with something she was ironically missing – her hair. Even though she was dressed in an outfit made of long, turquoise hair, her head remained bald for more than half of the performance until she paused to put on an edgily cut, turquoise matching wig.

Shortly after her “hairless” performance was uploaded onto YouTube, the phrase “Bald Gaga” rapidly began trending on Twitter in multiple countries.

Even though Gaga’s new haircut is most likely a skin cap, there is still the slight possibility that underneath that skin cap is a wig over a hairless scalp.

During her post-performance interview with the show’s host, Paul O’Grady stated, “It’s been three long years since we last met and so much has changed. I’ve got more wrinkles, and you’ve dominated the world.” To which Gaga replied (jokingly), “Yes, and I have less hair.”