Few people know that Lady Gaga is not only a singer and songwriter. She also works with Polaroid on a special line called “Grey Label by Haus of Gaga”.

At CES 2011 Lady Gaga presented a new range of products: the GL30 Instant digital Camera, the GL20 Camera Glasses and the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer.

Lady Gaga declared that we are in front of the first ever sunglasses that you can wear to protect yourself from the sun’s rays while also being able to take pictures. She was talking about the GL20 Camera Sunglasses.

The sunglasses are fashionable and are capable of shooting both pictures and video. There is a memory stick located in an earpiece in order to provide a storage medium. You can use a USB connection to then retrieve the video or images that you shot. It is also possible to transfer images via Bluetooth.

The GL10 Instant Mobile Printer appears as a great addition to the Camera sunglasses. You can easily connect the two and print the desired pictures in just a few seconds. The printer will cost $150 and will be available at the end of March.

Polaroid did not issue any statement regarding the availability and price of the sunglasses.