Last evening was the world debut of Lady Gaga’s newest music video for “The Edge of Glory.”

The music video premiered during the hit American television show “So You Think You Can Dance” on FOX, and YouTube at 8PM ET/PT simultaneously. Millions of people worldwide watched as the music video was released. Tens of thousands of tweets and comments were sent regarding Lady Gaga during the first twenty minutes the music video was aired, and tens of thousands continued to be sent for an hour afterward. “The Edge of Glory” music video was directed by the Haus of Gaga, and featured fashion from the final collection of the legendary Gianna Versace.

Lady Gaga’s new music video is very different than the highly edgy and intense music videos she normally creates, such as “Telephone,” “Born This Way” and “Alejandro.” “The Edge of Glory” is very simple and was not what many were expecting. Even though there were thousands of positive comments in regards her new video, there seemed to be even more negative ones.

Many of Gaga’s fans blamed the director of the video, Joseph Kahn, for it not reaching their high expectations. Kahn tweeted in response, “I did NOT direct Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory video. Lady Gaga did – I don’t co-direct. One canvas, one paintbrush. Respect the art. Very simple rule with me.”

Despite the negative commentary from many, Lady Gaga replied to the more generous comments of thousands with a single message via Twitter earlier this afternoon:

“Thank you so much for your sweet messages about The Edge of Glory Video! I love it so much, and thank you to everyone involved in making it.”