Last Man Standing Debuts Tonight – Preview, Trailer

The “Last Man Standing” is… Tim Allen, who returns to network TV tonight. His new show takes a look at a ‘man’s world’, from a ‘modern’ perspective.

Allen brings back all the wit and self-depreciating humor that made his first TV show, Home Improvement, so very popular in the 1990’s. Home Improvement was ranked #5 in the US during it’s first season, 1991/1992. It remained in the top 11 until it’s final season, 1998/1999.

In the new series, Allen is not an older, wiser, version of Tim ‘the Tool Man’ Taylor… and there’s no kindly neighbor named Wilson (who was played by Earl Hindman, who died in 2003). Instead, Allen plays Mike Baxter, a manly marketing director at a sporting goods store. Business decisions lead Baxter to spend more time at home. With a wife and three daughters, ages 13 to 20, his home life is dominated by women. This leads to the plot and storyline of the show.

Baxter’s wife, Vanessa, is played by Nancy Travis. She brings a lot of acting talent with her to the show. Travis played leading roles in Three Men and a Baby, Three Men and a Little Lady, Internal Affairs, and So I Married an Axe Murderer. She was also in ABC’s Almost Perfect from 1995 to 1997, and has played roles in several other series.

Some critics are saying that Last Man Standing is basically a Home Improvement with daughters instead of sons. That may be just what a nation hungry for some good times, and good memories, wants. Social tracking company Zeta Interactive is saying that Last Man Standing is generating more buzz than any other new show of this season.

The trailer for the Last Man Standing is below:

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