Last Minute Super Bowl 2013 Tickets Still Available

It is still possible to score tickets for the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans. And they might be cheaper than you think.

In fact, it appears that the price of Super Bowl tickets is on a downward trend as the game nears.

According to an ESPN report on Wednesday of this week, the lowest priced tickets were about $1400 at that time.

Today, just a day before the Super Bowl, we find that tickets are selling at Ticketmaster’s NFL Ticket Exchange for as “cheap” as $1000 each.

And they’re not bad seats at that price either. One section with $1000 seats available is on the 50 yard line – though on the terrace level. In all, the NFL Ticket Exchange says there are 514 tickets available. has tickets available as well – though a bit pricier. According to their site, there are 951 tickets available starting at $1499 each.

Of course, there’s eBay too. The trick here is to find actual game tickets, not tickets to some related event. The game ticket with the lowest bid at publication time is one in which the seller says his wife has a ticket but is unable to attend. There is currently one bid on it for $999.  The lowest priced Buy It Now (or best offer) ticket is currently $1499. As is typical of last minute game ticket sales on eBay, the buyers say they will meet the seller in town before the game to give them the ticket(s).

Please note we are not vouching for the authenticity of the above tickets. Let the buyer beware. We are just taking a look at current pricing trends. We’ll be watching ticket prices over the next 24 hours with great interest.

Are you going to try to find a deal on Super Bowl XLVII tickets and head to the game at the last minute? Will you buy a ticket online or head to the game and hope to find one when you get there?

Tell us about your plans in the comments section below!