Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Available For Online Delivery

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Available For Online Delivery

Today is Valentine’s Day.

There are still plenty of candy hearts and flowers available at brick and mortar stores.

But if you need to buy a gift for a long distance sweetheart, the options are more limited.

Many online retailers are recommending gift cards as last minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Amazon is one of these.

On their front page today they have a big promo that links to their Valentine’s Day gift cards section. Their gift cards range from in value from a measly 15¢ (want to offend someone?) to a whopping $2000 (that would be a pretty impressive Valentine’s Day present). The gift cards are delivered via email.

We should mention here also that, while for most stores it’s way to late to ship anything, Amazon does offer same day shipping in a few major cities. These include Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. A list of deadlines for each city is available here.

Walmart is pushing Valentine’s Day gift ecards on their home page as well.

They offer a variety of emailable cards from different stores and restaurants. These include gift cards from Spa & Wellness, Applebee’s, Logan’s Roadhouse, Domino’s Pizza, Regal Movie Theaters, and of course, Walmart itself. Here is Walmart’s online gift card section.

Of course, online greeting card companies are pushing hard for Valentine’s Day business as well.

American GreetingsCare2, BlueMountain,, along with others, all feature their Valentine’s card sections on their homepages today.

Apps, ebooks, online movies and music are also potential online gifts.

The Google Play Store currently has a promo on their home page for Valentine’s Day special on their front page – but the link on it is broken!

Perhaps they will get that fixed here shortly. There is not a way to gift an app (or book, movie or music) from Google Play, but they do offer gift cards.

Apple apps and other online content from iTunes can be gifted through the iTunes store – if you have access to that. They do not appear to be running any Valentine’s Day specials through iTunes today though.

Gift cards to iTunes are available online without having to access the iTunes store.

Will you be sending a gift card, app, or other online gift to a far away loved one? Tell us about what you are going to do (or did) below!

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