Last Resort Review: Tensions Build On All Sides In ‘Eight Bells’

Last Resort Review: Tensions Build On All Sides In ‘Eight Bells’

One thing I absolutely love about Last Resort is the suspense, and last night’s episode, “Eight Bells,” had suspense up the wazoo.

On the island, the slow-burning mutiny started by COB Prosser starts to come to a boil. To prevent things from boiling over, Captain Chaplin releases COB and enlists his help in finding three crew members who’ve been missing since they got to the island.

Those missing crew members are being held by the island’s underground leader, Serrat. Serrat will exchange the kidnapped crew for some special cargo on a boat just outside the blockade around the island. So the U.S.S. Colorado has a mission – get around the blockade without being noticed and come back to the island with the special cargo by dawn, or never see their missing crew again.

Watching the Colorado try to stay under the blockade’s radar and outmaneuver Destroyer-class ships was a definite highlight of the episode. Part of the excitement was watching what the Captain would do without his trusty Perseus Prototype that hides the sub from radar.

The D.C. scenes started off slowly, but have been getting more interesting with each episode.  Back in the States, Kylie Sinclair gets a stone cold lecture from Admiral Shepard about how she could and should be doing more to get to the bottom of the conspiracy of why Chaplin was ordered to fire nukes on Pakistan from the Antarctic Network. His speech convinces her to try harder, but she once again loses something from asking too many questions.

The budding romance between Tani and James makes more headway, as James meets Tani’s family and learns more about her past. The two share an almost romantic moment in a waterfall lake, but nothing happens.

That has got to be the least interesting storyline on the show. The rest of Last Resort is full of life-and-death situations and government conspiracies. With major events like those, why should I care about something as petty as the will-they-won’t-they relationship between Tani and James? It just feels tacked on, as if they needed something for the c-story to fill another five or ten minutes.

By the end of the episode, the Colorado will have one less crew member, a possible war between Chaplin and Serrat is set up, and one of the conspirators is revealed to possibly be…someone interesting.

I’m really curious to see where things go from here. The Colorado has made enemies out of pretty much everyone at this point, even from within. COB’s got to be planning his next move against Chaplin, as is Serrat. I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow wound up working together. And if the conspirator turns out to be who was hinted at, then that could mean some major problems for Kylie and the Colorado.

With a whole season left to flesh out the conspiracy and bring more trouble to the island and the Colorado, Last Resort is looking to be the best new show of the fall.

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