Lay’s ‘Do Us A Flavor Contest’, now in it’s 3rd year, is back with some new twists to draw more participants than ever before.

The popular contest runs from now until midnight on March 31st, 2015 and participation is easy: Just go to to sign up.

You get to choose the type of chip you want and up to 3 ingredients (I invented a proscuitto/fresh mozzarella and tomato flavored chip); You can create as many flavors as you want – the winner will have their flavor on store shelves for a year and win 1 million dollars.

In order to increase interest and make the most of social media, this year the  company has partnered with digital shop Deep Focus and Google to enhance your experience.

Deep Focus will be working with Lay’s to produce a total of twenty 1-minute YouTube clips based on unique submissions and interesting tweets,  while Google will be in charge of the “Flavorcast Heat Map”, showing the trending ingredients for each state.

So far six  1-minute clips have been made and can be seen on Lay’s YouTube page (we have some below for you to see).

Lay’s has also given their site a new look, with fun, interactive tabs to inspire.

Some of  the tabs include a Flavor Gallery, which shows all the flavors created, how many votes they have received so far and what flavor is trending as well as a Flavor Showdown Gallery, featuring State -vs- State  and Friend -vs- Friend contests.

You can vote or like via Facebook for your favorites and also see what friends and family are up to.

Will you be taking part in Lay’s ‘Do Us A Flavor Contest’?  Tell us if  you are and what you created below.