redesign_responsive_auStackSocial is offering a sequel to its very popular web design tutorial bundle by Udemy with a focus on the user’s experience, designing from scratch and working with Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) suite.

The offer works similarly to the Humble Bundle in that the price of the package is up to the consumer (Name Your Own Price or NYOP). The caveat is that the entire bundle is only available for those that pay over the average price paid by others. This still offers a very large discount the likes of which are unlikely to be seen again.

Case in point: StackSocial recommends paying a price of $49.00 USD which represents a discount of 94% off the full price of what is included in the bundle. The average price paid, which grants you the entire bundle anyway, is currently at $2.94 USD. That is a total discount of 99.97%. In short, the bundle is virtually being given away.

Unlike Humble Bundle, a fixed amount of 10% of the price paid will go to a charity of your choosing (between Child’s Play Charity, World Wildlife Fund, and Creative Commons). No customization of the distribution of the purchase price is possible.

The bundle includes the following:

  • Build Flat Responsive Websites From Scratch – Complete Course
  • User Experience Design Fundamentals
  • Learning Creative Web Design The Easy Way (Available for as little as $1.01)
  • Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Master Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial – Training Taught By Experts
  • Adobe InDesign CC Tutorial – Beginner to Advanced Tutorial
  • Learning Responsive Web Design  (Available for as little as $1.01)

StackSocial has a 30-day money back guarantee and grants access to the above courses forever (as long as Udemy exists).

Will you jump at the chance to access these lessons at such a huge discount? Sound off below!