Fox Network has a chance for another wacky show. This time, in the name of the greatest hero, ever.

Seriously, “The Greatest American Hero”, is the latest to be green lit for a pilot episode. Leading the charge is Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of “The Lego Movie”, and “21 Jump Street”.

The original series, premiering in 1981, centered on a school teacher who found himself the owner of a caped costume that gave him super powers. Without the instructions to guide him, he often made blunders while donning the suit. The show starred William Katt, Robert Culp, and Connie Sellecca. It was broadcasted on ABC, and ran for three seasons, ending in 1983.

Aliens were the source of the suit’s power originally, but the pitch for the remake does not yet mirror this. Remakes as they are this day and age, the characters’ origin stories could be spun in completely different directions. No actors have been attached to this project as of this writing.

A spin-off was pitched from the source material, but the pilot was not picked up by any network.

Do you remember this show? Will this be another one Fox cancels before its time? As always, let us know, in the comments below.