Lenovo is offering discounts of up to 40% on select laptops and PC’s in an Armed Forces Day sale. While Armed Forces Day is today, the sale continues through May 25th.

The sale includes the Essential G series laptops, the Essential G470 in dark brown, and the Essential G570 in either black or dark brown. Laptops in this series range from 14 to 15.6 inches. They include Windows 7, 2nd gen intel cores, 500gb hardrives and integrated web cams. They are $300 to $350 off during the sale.

IdeaPad Y and Z series laptops are $300 to $650 off. The Y series are the higher end, music/gaming models..  They range from 14 to 15.6 inches and are discounted $300 to $630. The Z series come in sizes 13 through 15.6 inches and are discounted $300 to $420. 

Lenovo has several desktops on sale as well, including the all-in-one models, the IdeaCentre B510, and the IdeaCentre A700 for $550 and $650 off, respectfully. Traditional towers that are on sale are the standard IdeaCentre K330 with 6gb of memory and 1 tb of storage at $200 off, and an upgraded version with 12gb memory and 2tb of storage at $350 off.

Lenovo does limit the sale to 5 items per customer, and only while supplies last. The sale is accessible through their home page at www.lenovo.com