Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad On Sale For $599 At TigerDirect

TigerDirect has dropped the price of the bend-over-backwards Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad to $599.

The Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad discount is being promoted as the finale of TigerDirect’s “laptop week” sale.

The model on sale for $599 is the 12.5 inch version.

It has a 10 point multi-touch screen that can fold all the way over to the bottom of the computer, so it can basically be used a tablet. Of course, there’s also laptop mode, where the full physical keyboard can be used as normal. The keyboard can also be positioned as a stand (flat behind the display) or set up as a tent.

According to TigerDirect, the Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad is loaded with a Intel Core i5-4300U processor, two hard drives (a 500GB HDD and a 16GB SSD), and 4GB of RAM.

It comes with Windows 8.1 Pro, which can be upgraded for free to Windows 10.

The Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad on sale is model number 20CD00BXUS. NewEgg offers it for $999. Lenovo has it on sale at Amazon for $1,575.45. Walmart has it for $1,193.59. PCDirect has one for sale for $799, but its condition is listed as “open box”.

According to an email from TigerDirect, the sale price is good for only 24 hours.

TigerDirect has had some pretty good sales in their Laptop Week sale. Still on sale is a quad-core ProDesk 405 G1 Desktop PC for $280, a 15.6″ Lenovo B50-45 laptop for  $230, and even a cheap 7″ quad core tablet on sale for $80. But this Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad is the belle of the ball.

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