The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) won’t officially start until Tuesday, but don’t tell that to the companies that are rolling out and introducing their new products prior to the start of the show.

One of the companies making an early splash is Lenovo. Today they announced their first Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) smart TV.

The new smart TV, which Lenovo is calling the K91 (couldn’t they come up with something that doesn’t sound like a dog?), has a slew of features. One of the most eye-catching features will be voice control. Lenovo said that users will be able to speak into the remote control and tell the TV what to do. The remote control also features a touchpad and a game pad.

The smart TV also sports a five megapixel camera for use in video chat. There’s Wi-Fi,  ethernet, and Bluetooth connections. And, said Nick Reynolds, Lenovo’s director of marketing and strategy, “It’s also connected to the cloud, with plans to deliver extensive video and music on demand content.”

The K91 will come in 42 inch and 55 inch, 3D, LED, versions. Lenovo, which is based in China, said they will launch their new smart TV in China first, and it will be available internationally later in 2012.