I hate car repairs. Out of all the things that one can do with a paycheck, maintaining a car is the most necessary of all evils that must be done.

But Rockauto.com has persuaded me otherwise.

One day I was using the automatic window switch on the driver side of my car. After parking in my driveway, I decided to roll it back up when all of a sudden I hear a “crunch” sound. The window no longer functioned then.

After tearing the switch out of the door myself, I found that something was most definitely broken inside the switch. I then head to AutoZone to find a replacement, hoping to get a good deal. I found the replacement switch, but saw I had to drop $100 for it.


Being the savvy saver that I am, I decided not to buy it and try my luck on the internet. I found it for $63 at the lowest, but before I decided to buy it, I first consulted my good friend Brandon.

Brandon, being the awesome car obsessed guy he is, pointed me to Rockauto.com. He said that they have a vast collection of parts that are salvaged from other cars, and then sold for dirt cheap. I tried my luck to find the part I needed. And did I score? You better believe it!

I found my part for $40!

I paid the standard shipping and handling on the site, and was told to expect the part by the next week. But two days later, I found a pleasant surprise at my door – the switch had arrived!

Cheap replacement parts? Check.

Easy-to-use online website? Check.

Super-fast shipping and delivery? Check!

Rockauto.com is awesome, and I recommend it to anyone searching for the part(s) they need for cheap before stepping into their local retail store.