LG G Flex Proves Self-Healing Ability

LG G Flex Proves Self-Healing Ability

Keeping your smartphone in tip top shape is a major priority  for most users and for good reason. Having the phone fall onto concrete or scratching the phone with keys is a terrible feeling.

With the new LG G Flex, the worries of scratching your phone become nonexistent.

LG’s new G Flex phone has two standout features.

The first being a self-healing plastic back that can literally “heal” any minor scratches or marks on your phone.

The second feature was a curved display that when being straightened out, nothing on the phone breaks.

Many doubters claimed that LG couldn’t deliver on the promises of a curved screen and a self-healing back, but thanks to a Yotube video posted by Marquees Brownlee, LG put those rumors to sleep.

Brownlee put the phone in some stress conditions to test it’s durability, and sure enough, the phone holds true to it’s promises of healing.

According to Brownlee, the plastic back is the same of that on the Samsung Galaxy S4, which means that scratches do become quite visible.

Fortunately, with the G Flex, when keys were used to scratch the phone, the back did recover, though not 100 percent. Still, scratches became less visible, and Brownlee says that the healing time could be accelerated under warmer conditions.

Now, this still doesn’t solve the problem of cracked front screens, but the LG G Flex does come with other features besides the curved display and self-healing back such as a 6.0 inch screen, 13 mp camera, and it runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

No official release date for the phone, but it is set to launch in the U.S. on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile so it should be on shelves just in time for holiday shopping!

Check out the LG G Flex video below!

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