LG has revealed their new 18-inch flexible and transparent television screen.

Just how flexible?

So flexible that the screen easily rolls into into a slim 2.4 inch (6 centimeter) cylindrical profile. That’s impressive, and equally impressive is its ability to maintain its display while rolled up.

The screen features a High-Definition 1200×810 resolution that uses OLED Technology. An OLED is a light-emitting diode containing thin flexible sheets of an organic material, perfect for pliable screens. OLED technology boosts light transmittance up to 30% to combat haziness found in previous flexible displays. The picture is also displayable on both sides of the screen.

Although it is High-Definition, LG admits its display is not as sharp as current flat-panel televisions. Not that it matters, as we don’t expect to see this display for sale anytime soon. There is still complementing technology that needs to be developed in order to create a fully-functioning unit.

LG is currently working on a flexible battery, and invites TV manufacturers to develop their own technologies that work harmoniously with the flexible screens.

In a statement, LG has said that they hope to release a fully-functioning transparent and flexible 60-inch model by 2017.

Are flexible screens the future?

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