Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Details Slowly Emerging

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Details Slowly Emerging

Gaming fans looking forward to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII got a bit of a teaser last week with the release of the upcoming game’s logo.

But that’s about all that got – with a promise that more information will be coming soon.

The original Final Fantasy XIII game was released back in 2009. The game revolves around the story of Lightning and a group of people from her home world of Cocoon who are trying to save the people from the control of the government.

Lightning Returns is the third installment of the series and will conclude the Final Fantasy XIII storyline.

Little is known of the upcoming game. But according to Gamer Syndrome, that will change soon. They are reporting that Square Enix, the creators of the Final Fantasy series, will be releasing more information starting this month. The information will be released using various social media platforms, including Square Enix’s Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

We did learn one interesting tidbit last week. Whereas the logo for each game is usually based on a character, this time we get a symbol (pictured above).

Using the game’s official Twitter account, a developer said that the “logo made ​​here this time, was very slow to design.” They went on to say that the design is a combination of metal and lightning (though since the tweet was originally in Japanese, some things may be lost in the translation).

Over at the Square Enix Lightning Returns website, there is a thirty minute video from the game’s producer explaining the creation of the logo. We expect this site to include additional screenshots and videos as details are released.

Where do you think Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will take us? Leave your comments below!

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