Lights, Color, Growth: Big Changes Coming To The Kindle

Lights, Color, Growth: Big Changes Coming To The Kindle

Kindle-e-readerOnline buzz suggests there are big changes ahead for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and Kindle Fire.

One of the changes is a direct take from the new Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader that hit the market in April. The B&N Nook with Glowlight was launched to mostly positive reviews and a receptive audience. That fact was not overlooked by Amazon. Reuters is quoting an unnamed source today as saying a Kindle e-reader with lights around the rim, for use while reading in the dark, will be available from Amazon in July.

Reuters is also reporting that a bigger Kindle Fire is on the way and will launch as the 2012 holiday season nears. This is a rumor that has been bubbling since… well.. pretty much as soon as the original 7 inch version was launched. It wasn’t until February though that (another) unnamed source in Amazon’s supply chain said a 9 inch version was actually in the works.

A few days ago, Taiwan based Digitimes reported on another change that may be coming to the Amazon Kindle e-reader – color. They say that Amazon will launch a Kindle e-reader with a color screen sometime during the second half of 2012 (would we be putting our necks out much to say it will likely be timed to coincide with the holiday shopping season as well? Naw). Digitimes also says that the screen will be “built with multi-touch capacitive touch panels instead of infrared touch panels.”

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