Like “Blackburn Burrow?” Amazon Pays $5 Gift Card For Your Thoughts

Like “Blackburn Burrow?” Amazon Pays $5 Gift Card For Your Thoughts

Amazon Studios is doing what movie studios have been doing for years – testing out their material before spending the big bucks on production.

Instead, however, of convincing a few hundred people off the street to watch a “sneak preview” of a film and fill out a survey at the end of it, Amazon Studios has decided to make a digital comic…and ask readers to fill out a survey at the end of it.

Blackburn  Burrow, based on a  screenplay by Jay Levy, is being made into a 4-issue digital mini-series produced by 12 Gauge Comics with the first issue available for free on Graphicly, the Kindle Store, and various other sites. Comic legend Ron Marz (Green Lantern) is taking on writing duties with artist Matthew Dow Smith (Doctor Who) supplying the art.

The story of Blackburn Burrow takes place during the American Civil War and follows the mysterious Mister, a legendary fighter of the supernatural. When a Union general asks him to investigate what sounds like an undead infestation in the small town of Blackburn Burrow, Mister ends up in the middle of an ancient uprising that may have ties to his own family’s history.

After every issue, Amazon Studios is asking readers to take a survey to help determine if the comic is worth making into a feature film. Questions range from typical movie poll questions about the number of times the reader sees a movie in the theater per year, to more specific questions on the content of that specific issue.

As a bonus, those who finish the poll are eligible to receive a free $5 Amazon Gift Card. The survey for the first issue will be open until September 30th or until 5,000 surveys have been completed, whichever comes first.

Should Blackburn Burrow be made into a movie? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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