Starbucks Limited Edition Birthday Cake Frappuccino (can you say yummmm?) is now available – but this treat is only around for  very short time, so get yours while you can.

This frothy treat will be available for 5 days ONLY, from today (Thursday, March 26) until Monday, March 30.

Strabucks is describing this frothy delight as a: “vanilla bean and hazelnut flavored coffee with a ‘special raspberry flavored whipped cream'”.

It is being released in honor of the Frappuccino’s 20th birthday (has it really been that long?) and will not become a part of Starbucks regular menu.

When the Frappuccino first made its debut back in 1995 Starbucks was looking for a way to become more competitive during the summer with something other than your typical iced coffee.

 Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is quoted in his book as saying: “[we] were so confident of our product that we didn’t even test-market it.”

At the time there were only 2 flavors of the frozen treat: mocha and coffee.

Now, the coffee giant has Frapps in almost 30 different flavors, including unique blends like Cinnamon Dolce,  Caramel Flan, Green Tea and Tiramisu, another cake-inspired delight.

Will you be indulging in Starbucks Limited Edition Birthday Cake Frappuccino?  Let us know if you do and if you liked it below.