Lindsay LohanShawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay Lohan’s attorney, claims that Lohan has been changed by her experience in jail and rehab. After a 13 day jail sentence followed by 23 days in rehab, the actress has been released to live under strictly supervised probation at her West Hollywood home.

Holley states that Lohan is taking her sobriety very seriously and that she has definitely learned her lesson.

Judge Eldon Fox chose to release Lohan from court ordered rehab upon the recommendation of her doctors, who said the 90 day sentence was just too much. However, the judge didn’t end her punishment there. Even though her attorney touts that she is not the same woman who went into the facility, Fox has determined that she needs a new set of rules to live by, until November, to prove that she has changed.

Holley admitted that Lohan will be attending a lot of therapy, but called her ability to work a positive for the actress. Fox said that if Lohan adheres to her long list of requirements, she could see some freedom on November 1.

Lohan is not allowed to leave California. She will be given random drug and alcohol tests twice a week, and must be present to take them. Missing one single test will land her in jail for 30 days.

As a part of her supervised probation, she is required to attend many forms of therapy. Psychotherapy will take place four times a week and behavioral therapy will be twice weekly. In addition to this, she must meet in a 12 step chemical dependency group five times per week. She also must make seven separate contacts with her chemical dependency program, including two weekly sessions.