There Aren’t Any Good Halloween Costume Idea Generators. Try This Instead

There Aren’t Any Good Halloween Costume Idea Generators. Try This Instead

This article started out with the working title “The 10 Best Halloween Costume Idea Generators of 2021”.

Then the research began… and the working title changed to “The 5 Best Halloween Costume Idea Generators of 2021”.

The research continued… and to make a long story short, the best 5 aren’t really good enough to call them the best of, well, anything.

For the most part, the Halloween costume idea generators available online all suffer from the same thing. Randomness.

The funnest one to play with is on a site called WheelDecide. It has a wheel that spins when you click on it. Wherever it lands is your answer. There’s actually two wheels, and you can combine the results.

It is totally random though. With some test spins I came up with ‘Superhero angel’, ‘Businessman/woman demon’, and ‘Ghost movie character’. If you don’t mind random results, this one is the most entertaining.

The one from Springhole is just a button that gives you a line of text. Things like: “Your costume is a ghastly royal/grim reaper”, “Your costume is a grisly royal”, “Your costume is a glamorous pop star/ogre/bat”. A pop star/ogre/bat? Eh…

The costume generator at Genr8rs started out with a little more promise. It asks if you want something ‘scary’, ‘funny’, ‘pop culture’ or ‘all’. But then it just gives you a random choice.

Surprisingly, Google has a Halloween costume idea generator. It’s the best of the bunch, though still not what I would consider ‘great’.

There are sliders for spookiness, uniqueness, classic or modern, and national or local. It might give you some ideas.

To get to it, you go to Google’s FrightGeist page and click on “costume wizard”.

You can also see what costume ideas are trending in Google searches on both a national and local level, and what searches are popular in specific cities.

While Google’s is the best of the bunch, if you are really looking for costume ideas, it’s only slightly better than the others.

Leaving the idea of finding a good costume idea generator in the dust, what I did find useful was doing custom image searches on Google and Bing.

For example, if you do an image search for “2021 Halloween costume ideas” on Google Images or Bing Images, and then customize it by adding some of your own interests… favorite movies, shows, characters, or genres like “scary”, “zombie”, “princess”, you can come up with a slew of commercial and homemade ideas by looking through the resulting images.

Both engines even suggest additional search phrases that can be used to generate more costume ideas.

Using the image search method to generate costume ideas beats any of the so called “costume idea generators” by a pumpkin and a half.

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