Cobra has developed a new way to keep track of valuable electronics that are always getting lost.

As of July 2011, Cobra electronics corporation is slated to release a new device dedicated to keeping valuable items in hand with their owners. The Cobra Tag uses bluetooth technology to keep track of things that are easily lost, such as car keys, purses, and even smartphones. The Tag consists of two parts – a small device that can be attached to the valuable, and the smartphone app.

The tag is linked to the smartphone app, which in turn can be used to track and find things that have gone missing. The device is programmed to judge the distance between the two devices, and if enough space comes between them, the Cobra Tag will emit an audible sound to alert the user that the item and the phone have been separated. However, if the phone was to go missing instead, a button on the device can be pressed to locate the smartphone.

In addition, the Cobra Tag can also keep track of when and where the item was misplaced simply by recording the GPS location as well as the time it became missing. It can then send this information via e-mail to the e-mail address that was pre-configured at the time of setup. It can also send this information by text message or even Facebook or Twitter.

The Cobra Tag is slated to be available at all retail stores with a suggested price of $59.99. Those wanting to find a retail outlet can find one at the cobra website,