Lost Planet 3 pre-order bonuses expire soon!Lost Planet 3 pre-order bonuses will be ending soon. The game is set to be released August 27 – next Tuesday!

Different retailers are offering different bonuses.

Amazon has the exclusive Punisher Pack DLC as a pre-order bonus.

According to Amazon, the pack includes an “Incinerator (Particle Thrower Variant), NEVEC Punisher (Pulse Rifle), and Spit-Fire (Grenade Launcher Variant).”  It also includes Rig Upgrades- a Pressurized Claw and a Tungsten Carbide Drill.

GameStop’s Lost Planet 3 pre-order bonus is the Freedom Fighter Pack.

The pack includes five extra characters: Grace Peyton, Phil Braddock, Jenette Diaz, LP1 Gale Holden, and HUNK. It also includes the same Rig Upgrades as are in Amazon’s pre-order bonus pack.

EB Games offers the same pre-order bonus as GameStop.

Best Buy is offering the Assault Pack DLC as a pre-order bonus. They don’t offer a lot of details, only saying it includes 3 weapons and 2 RIG upgrades.

Walmart has Lost Planet 3 available for pre-ordering as well, but does not list a pre-order bonus.

All five retailers have both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions available. The price is basically the same across the board: $59.99. Walmart and Amazon offer it for 3¢ less than the others.

Will you be pre-ordering the game to take advantage of the pre-order bonuses?

Let us know which pre-order bonuses will be going for in the comments section below.