Love Data But Hate To Pay? AT&T Can Help You With That

If you love to use data (yes, we’re talking to you Pokemon Go fans), but hate paying when you go over your plan, we’ve got some great news for you.

AT&T has announced plans to eliminate data overage charges starting this Sunday, August 21.

Yes, you read that right: no more  skyrocketing bills because you went over your data package.

And while this is definitely good news, there are a few small catches… c’mon, you know nothing is ever as good as it seems.

Under the new plan, if you go over your allotted data, instead if charging you, AT&T will simply reduce your data speeds to 128kbps.

For those who don’t know, 128kbps is extremely slow (like watching paint dry), which is why AT&T gives you the option of paying to add additional data for the month at higher speeds.

Yes, this is an option, not a must, but if you’re using your phone’s data that much, odds are you won’t be able to deal with the slow speeds and will end up paying for more data.

Which brings me to the other catch: AT&T is also revamping it’s data packaging prices, and naturally, the higher packages are where you find the savings.

For instance, under the new pricing, a 1GB package is $30 a month (it used to be 2GB), but the 15GB package for $100 has been replaced with a 16GB package for $90.

Odds are you are buying a higher monthly package than 1GB or 2GB, but if you need to add data during the month, you’re going to get less for more.

A small sticking point, but a valid one: eliminating overage charges may mean nothing if you need to pay for more data at a higher price.

Here is a rundown of the new pricing; all these packages still require an access fee of $10-$40:

1GB: $30
3GB: $40
6GB: $60
10GB: $80
16GB: $90
25GB: $110
30GB: $135

AT&T’s plan is a good one, provided you use your data wisely and are okay with slow speeds.

It can save you money, especially good if you have kids- no more surprise $300 charges at the end of the month.

Overall, it should keep customers happy, and loyal- and that’s the company’s ultimate goal.

What do you think of AT&T’s plan to eliminate data overages?

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