On June 3rd, LP’s new album, “Forever For Now”, will be released and available to be gushed over.

New York native, Laura Pergolizzi, has been immersed in the music industry for years–armed with a ukulele and looks that could trick the eye into thinking Bob Dylan has crossed over to pop–LP is something else.

Her voice brings back the specific sound of 80’s pop queens, like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, and also calls to mind the haunting vocals of modern artists, like Florence and the Machine.  From writing to singing, LP has been involved with almost every aspect of the music world and has the experience needed to put out some killer tunes.

Currently, only three songs are accessible for a quick run through–“Night Like This”, “One Last Mistake”, and “Tokyo Sunrise”–but there are a few music videos floating around that will grant you a taste of some of the other listed tracks.  If anything can be discerned, it’s the unique tone that is completely and utterly LP.

Just from listening to the aforementioned songs, you can get a solid grasp of who LP is and the general vibe of “Forever For Now”.

Take, for instance, “One Last Mistake”.  With power vocals prominent in every track, it’s hard not to get carried away by the nostalgia of the power ballads of years past; however, the tinkling of soft instruments and slightly chirpy harmonies help to mellow this song out and make it easy to sing along to.  LP’s voice is one that can only be recognized as her’s; she delivers in such a powerful, yet soft, manner that you’re never too intimidated to belt out those high notes with her.

This album will not be shallow and airy; it will not follow an AABA structure and get stuck in your head because of a chant-like chorus.  It’s an album filled with love, real content, and a spirit that begs to be freed and allowed to roam.

This album will probably bring out the flailing arm moves and the inner musician we all have that is in need of a spotlight.

LP will not remind you of Ariana Grande, nor does she sound like 5 Seconds of Summer, but she does have a ukulele and an untouchable style–that seems good enough.

Could you be a new fan?