LRG co-founder Jonas Bevacqua was found dead in his Laguna Beach, California home this morning. He was 34 years old.

Jonas Bevacqua rose to fame after being a college dropout who lived with his parents. The dramatic turnaround of his fortunes came after he and friend Robert Wright founded LRG, short for Lifted Research Group, in 1999, after receiving start up capital from friends of Bevacqua’s adopted father. Their first designs were said to have been sketched out in Bevacqua’s bedroom. LRG sold out of it’s first product run on the very first day of the Action Sports Retailer Expo in San Diego. According to Wikipedia, the company made it’s first $1 million by 2000. By 2006, they reported sales of $150 million.

LRG’s clothing line represents southern Califorinia’s hip-hop, surfing and skateboarding culture.

The Orange County Sherrif’s office said the cause of Bevacqua’s death is unknown. A spokesman for the Sherrif’s department said there where no signs of trauma, foul play, nor indications of suicide.  An autopsy on the LRG co-founder is scheduled for tomorrow.