Apple’s Mac App Store started out with a bang as in just 24 hours it managed to reach 1 million downloads according to an official announcement made by the company.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, declared that the entire company is amazed about the response that the Mac App Store received from users. He also praised developers for managing to do a great job in bringing apps that users love to use.

Only one day passed since Apple launched the Mac App Store for Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard users. Apple claims that the store has over 1000 paid and free applications in different categories that range from games to education.

Unfortunately there are also problems that have been reported with the Mac App Store.

According to some users there is a hack that allows people to take digital receipts obtained from a free application and add it to pirated copies of paid apps. It seems that the paid app is fooled and it believes that the user is authorized. This would allow users to run programs that are paid without actually paying for anything. Apple did not comment on this fact so far.