Mac App Store is scheduled to open next month. If it manages to reach the success that the iPhone app store enjoyed then Apple is going to grow even more in profits.

We have known about this for a long time, but it only now became official. Apple chose the first day of the CES tech show to make the launch. This will be on January 6.

Critics state that this launch date has been chosen in order to counter Steve Ballmer’s address on that date. It seems that the company started recruiting developers ever since October and will function on a 70-30 split of revenues. This is the exact model that was used for the iPad and iPhone store.

It is also believed that the entire work is over although we can only consider this speculation at the moment.At start the Mac App Store will only be available for those that use Mac OS X 10.6. The good news is that it will be accessible in 90 countries from all around the world.

There are many rumors around CES and with the addition of the Mac App Store launch we can only expect even more attention to be given to this event.