MacDonald’s Chicken McWraps To Include Cucumbers

MacDonald’s Chicken McWraps To Include Cucumbers

Love eating at MacDonald’s?

There’s more to look forward as the global fast food giant has now added the chicken McWrap to its menu, permanently.

The new sandwich wrap is going to be offered in three varieties starting next week: Chicken & Ranch, Chicken & Bacon and Sweet Chili Chicken.

Two of the new McWraps will feature cucumbers. The company said this is the first time that a main menu item has included cucumbers.

Apart from the new McWraps, MacDonald’s also announced they will offer a yolk-free version of an Egg McMuffin starting April 22nd.

MacDonald’s is facing tough competition from the likes of Wendy’s and Burger King. The fast food giant is looking to gain back some customers while trying to appeal the ‘health-conscious’ community.

McDonald’s is calling the new sandwich wraps ‘Premium McWraps’.

They’ll be launched nationwide this coming week, but the company says several outlets already have them available.

The price in most locations will be $3.99.

How do the new chicken McWraps sound to you?

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