Gamers & football fanatics the wait is over: Madden 15 hits Target & Best Buy  this Tuesday, 8/26 with select Best Buy locations opening at 12 A.M. (EST).

The game will be available for PS3, PS4, XBOX One and XBox and XBox 360.

Madden 15 is one of the most popular video games ever and this latest version has improved features, like enhanced defense controls, Player Sense 2.0 for even more realistic player movements and even more player statistics for better game strategy.

Both Target and Best Buy have it available now fro pre-order, to guarantee you get a copy on Tuesday.


$69.99 for the Madden Ultimate edition, which has the 30 Madden Team Ultimate Pro Packs (including NFL superstars from the past and Draft Class Pack).

$59.99 for the original version.  Both are available for all systems.

Best Buy:

$69.99 for the Madden Ultimate Edition and $59.99 for the original edition (for all systems).

Select Best Buy locations will be opening at midnight (12 A.M. on 8/26) and those who purchase their game then will receive a free poster.

A spokeswoman for Best Buy said each location is different so check the one near you to see if they will be open.

In New York the Bay Parkway (Brooklyn),  Atlantic Center (Brooklyn) and Broadway locations will be opened at midnight.

Will you be going to the midnight opening?  Tell Consumer Press if you plan on purchasing this game.