Madonna is pushing the limits of YouTube with her new music video “Girl Gone Wild.”

The 52-year-old superstar has had her new song limited to logged in YouTube users that are over 18 years old. According to unnamed sources quoted by the New York Post, YouTube has told Madonna’s team that they would need to edit out images of naked bottoms, some crotch shots and images of implied masturbation before the video could be shown without restrictions.

Madonna-clip-from-Girl-Gone-WildThe video is controversial in other ways as well. Filmed in black-and-white, it has a strong religious theme, starting out with an apparent prayer. But while wanting to be good, she’s just a bad girl inside, and it comes out in this video. The video contains sexually charged images and ends with Madonna crying big, black/bloody, tears after asking for forgiveness. The single is from Madonna’s MDNA album, and is the second single released from the record.

YouTube users who are signed in and are over 18 can see the video at: