Everyone loves a good magazine, but the cost can be astronomical. Many people opt to subscribe to their favorite selections simple to save on the newsstand price.  Now it is possible to get some of the top name magazines for a year at not much more than the cost of one issue.

Discounted magazine subscriptions are not only a great purchase for one to make for themselves, they make great gift ideas. If a recipients favorite magazine, or even subject, is known it is simple to find a great deal and order it for them as a birthday gift or just a way to say you care.

Amazon.com is aware of how much people enjoy not only magazines, but also a good deal. This is why they are offering many of their bestselling magazines beginning at only $5.00 for the year. For some of these magazines, that amounts to less than $.50 an issue. To the magazine lover, that is a great deal. However, it is a short lived deal. Many of these specials are ending by the end of the week.

Here are just some of the magazines being offered at Amazon this week. There are many more available by visiting their website.

Cosmopolitan: $5.00 for a year

Better Homes and Gardens: $5.00 for a year

Fitness: $5.99 for a year

Redbook: $8.00 for a year

Family Fun: $9.95 for a year

Woman’s Day: $10.00 for a year

Glamour: $12.00 for a year

Parents: $12.00 for a year

Maxim: $14.97 for a year

Food Network Magazine: $15.00 for a year