Amazon announced today that they are launching yet ANOTHER new shopping experience – meet “Make an Offer.”

Have you ever heard anyone say “everything is negotiable”? Well, you may be hearing that more when talking about Amazon.

Make an Offer expands on the traditional fixed price model by allowing shoppers to, you guessed it, make an offer. You can now negotiate prices on several thousand items.

Right now, you can “Make an Offer” on more than 150,000 items across “Sports and Entertainment Collectibles, Collectible Coins and Fine Art.” If the offered price is agreed upon, you get the item for cheaper than the original listed price.

Rest assured that this new feature will expand to several hundred thousand items in the vast Amazon jungle in 2015. You can see this new feature for yourself right here

This should be an interesting new feature because it will allow the market to adjust prices organically and instantly based on supply and demand.

The sellers are just as excited as the customers.

Spencer Eggers, owner of Coast to Coast Collectibles near the San Francisco Bay Area, had this to say, “The ‘Make an Offer’ experience is unique as it provides a new and engaging way for Amazon customers to negotiate lower prices. I think it will broaden my customer base. This new shopping experience could also increase customer loyalty because it will give serious buyers the opportunity to have direct communication with the seller to determine a fair, agreed upon price. It will be like a Black Friday sale 365 days a year.”

Now, this is not to be confused with the auction-style format. This is a one to one private negotiation between buyer and seller.

Amazon is relentless with keeping shoppers satisfied, and I myself, am excited to try this new feature out!

Are you amazed with Amazon? Why or why not?

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