Jason West of Vernal, Utah protested the poor customer service he received from a local clinic in an unusual way. After a dispute over a bill that West didn’t think he owed, he opted to pay the bill – in pennies.

The bill in question was in the amount of $25. After trying to resolve this issue, West walked into the clinic, asked if the customer service rep if she took cash, and poured 2,500 pennies on the counter. Naturally, some hit the floor as well.

The customer service rep was not amused. They informed West that she was calling the police. West left the building, but the police caught up with him later in the day and cited him for disorderly conduct, a charge which carries a $140 fine. According to the police, West’s actions served “no legitimate purpose.”

While West claims earlier reports about requiring the customer service representative to count the pennies was erroneous, he did state that he asked for a receipt for his payment of the bill and offered to wait if the customer service rep wanted to count them.

When asked if he would pay the fine in pennies if convicted, West responded that he would not.