“Weird Al” Yankovic’s latest album is unlike any other ever released. Mandatory Fun’s marketing is truly unique.

Yankovic produced eight music videos supporting the album which will be released, one a day, every day for eight days. Furthermore all of the videos are being released online, but in another wrinkle, many of them are being released through different providers.

Youtube, College Humor, Yahoo! Screen and Funny or Die just to name a few. So far the gamble appears to be paying massive dividends. If the sales keep up the way they have, industry forecasters suggest the album is on track to become Al’s very first Billboards No. 1 album.

This ground breaking success comes after a 32 year relationship with RCA that saw the company release 14 albums recorded by the Canadian musician/humorist. A contract that ends now that Mandatory Fun has hit the shelves.

The weird one is hinting that now that his career has led him to become independent, he will change things up yet again. Al, whose career heavily plays upon being topical, has long felt that the construct of an album is the enemy of this possibility. As a result he is seemingly leaning towards a singles only approach.

Hopefully that doesn’t rule out his original, less topical songs.

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