Marriott is testing a healthy vending machine in its Chicago Marriott O’Hare location.

The vending machine sells salads, sandwiches, and other healthy snacks. Everything in the vending machine is prepared fresh, and made with local ingredients.

Farmer’s Fridge, a Chicago based company, is providing the vending machine. They have 12 of these vending machines in the Chicago area, with the latest being the one at Marriott.

The foods will cost between $3 and $12. Kale and quinoa salad, Greek yogurt and berries, and lemon pepper chicken are only a few of the healthy options that travelers can select.

Unlike most vending machines, this one accepts credit cards, and allows people to purchase multiple items at once.

The vending machine is in the testing phase and will be in place for the next five months. During that time, guests can try it out and provide the hotel with feedback.

What do you think about this new vending machine?

If you visit this location, will you try it out?