Ladies ruled the roost in tonight’s “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.”

When Earth is threatened, it isn’t a muscle bound monster that sends SHIELD scrambling- it’s the seductive Lorelei.

Her strength lay in the weakness of men, the episode’s prevailing theme.

Leo Fitz, who has a habit of getting knocked out, pouts as Jemma explains, “I didn’t mean you. I mean all men are weak.” Her gaff highlights the episode’s girl power sentiment.

Tonight Melinda May had to check her emotions during a show down with Grant Ward. The two have shared a few romantic interludes, but she doesn’t let their history get in her way.

Lady Sif mirrors May’s emotional restraint when she takes down home-wrecking Lorelei.
Loreli destroyed Sif’s family, yet Sif spares her life because Odin wants Loreli alive.

Scorned Agent Coulson reacts with significantly less grace. Coulson chooses to disregard “the code” and lets his anger steer his judgement.

The episode opens with Coulson sulking over Skye’s humanoid GH325 infusion. He goes for long drives to think and exhausts his contacts tracking Nick Fury for answers.

By episode’s end, guilt ridden Coulson comes clean. He lets Skye know the truth about her recovery. Coulson anticipates a full meltdown- panic at the very least. To his surprise, Skye is almost flip about his revelation. She is simply grateful to be alive.

She handles the news with good humor and coyly refers to her “0-8-4” (origins unknown) status. She chooses acceptance over vengeance and embraces the unknown.

Her stoic reaction could not be more different than head honcho Coulson’s emotional vow to get answers. A vow that may be his undoing.

In his emotion driven determination and proclamation of secrecy, he forgets there are ears everywhere on May’s plane.

May, who did some major butt kicking of her own this episode, makes a mysterious phone call after she overhears Coulson and Skye’s conversation.

She tells the listener that there’s a problem, “Coulson knows.” Who is she talking to? Does she have a direct line to Nick Fury?

Once again, we see May push her fondness for a friend aside to take care of business.

Time will tell if logic will prevail over emotion. The episode’s blend of suspense, action, and character development suggest Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is about to take an exciting turn.