MARVEL’S Agents of SHIELD Episode 17: Clairvoyant Revealed and Potential Ruse #ItsAllConnected

MARVEL’S Agents of SHIELD Episode 17: Clairvoyant Revealed and Potential Ruse #ItsAllConnected

On the heels of Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s record breaking weekend debut, Episode 17 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD swung into full action.

Finally, viewers learned the ominous Clairvoyant’s identity and affiliation.

Notorious terrorist group HYDRA activated its SHIELD sleeper cells, and Agent John Garrett was revealed as The Clairvoyant. Only pockets of SHIELD remained and Garrett was carted off to detainment.This was especially painful for Agent Ward since Garrett was his SO.

It is so troubling that Ward decided to personally lock up Garrett.

Once in the aircraft with cuffed Garrett, Hand, and two other escorts, Ward betrays SHIELD, shooting Garrett’s captures. Did Ward premeditate this slaughter, or will he attempt to beat HYDRA at its own game?

After all, Coulson mimed telling Ward that Garrett was the Clairvoyant as dramatic music swelled. Ward then turned and exchanged knowing glances with Coulson as he left the hub with Hand and Garrett.

It also seems Ward is not a member of HYDRA since previews showed Garrett welcoming him to the group. Did Coulson and Ward conspire to stage Garrett’s liberation so Ward could infiltrate HYDRA?

One thing is clear, SHIELD is on the cusp of a full fledged civil war. Coulson and May think Nick Fury is dead and they are determined to restore order.

What do you think is next for SHIELD? Did Ward kill Hand and the others out of loyalty to Garrett? You can post your predictions in the comment section.

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