In tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Raina (Ruth Nega) suggests there is something special inside Skye (Chloe Bennet). This revelation prompts viewers to delve deeper into Grant’s (Brett Dalton) inner monster.

As Raina researches Coulson and Skye’s DNA to isolate GH-25, she is intrigued by what is inside of Skye. Raina links Skye’s DNA to  “monsters.”

Excited by her discovery, Raina shares with Grant a story of monsters that destroyed Hunan as they searched for their baby girl.  She implies Skye was the baby girl.

How could a monster lurk inside compassionate Skye? Her potentially monstrous behavior is hard to fathom considering she let human-monster Grant live. This paradox relates to Fitz’s ( Iain De Caestecker) belief that people are not born evil.

Foils Skye and Grant highlight the “nature versus nurture” argument SHIELD has explored throughout the second half of the first season.

A large part of “Rag Tag” is dedicated to Grant’s origins. Garrett (Bill Paxton) exploits Grant’s family turmoil to mold Grant into the perfect soldier.

Garret programs Grant to detach from others by ordering Grant to shoot his loyal dog. Alone with his beloved companion, Grant fires a shot in the air and lets his dog run free. Later the dog is in Grant’s cross-hairs, but it appears that he misses the shot.

This act of mercy shows Grant was not born evil, rather he was programmed to be a treacherous murderer.  The timing of Grant’s  flashback of mercy builds false hope for viewers and cements his nefarious persona.

Once again, Garrett orders Grant to kill loyal companions- Fitz and Simmons. Viewers hope that Grant will show them the same mercy, but hopes are crushed when he launches them into open seas. He may not have been born evil, but he became a diabolical threat.

Grant’s wicked transformation helps viewers understand that if Skye was born a “monster,” SHIELD could have reprogrammed her. The series firmly asserts behaviors are nurtured.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season finale airs Tuesday, May 13 at 8:00 PM on ABC. What do you think is in store for Fitz and Simmons? Will Grant and Garrett survive the finale? You can post your predictions in the comment section.