People that want to shop for clothes and shoes in Maryland this weekend might consider postponing it for the week between August 12th and August 18th. This marks the Maryland Tax-Free Week, in which the state will not collect sales taxes on certain items.

This tax break will apply to all the shoes and clothes sold within the mentioned time frame. The only condition is that every single item purchased does not cost over $100. It is important to note that the tax break will not apply to watches, handbags, jewelry, backpacks and accessories.

The full list of items that will and won’t be taxed is available on the Maryland Comptroller website.

Shoppers will actually save 5.66% off every single purchase made thanks to the avoidance of the 6% sales tax.

Another tax free weekend will appear between February 16th, 2013 and February 18th, 2013. A number of Energy Star Produts will be sold without the tax during the 3 day weekend period. These include:

“…air conditioner, clothes washer or dryer, furnace, heat pump, standard size refrigerator, compact fluorescent light bulb, dehumidifier, or programmable thermostat that has been designated as meeting or exceeding the applicable Energy Star Efficiency requirements developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.”