Mass. 2014 Sales Tax Holiday Uncertain – No Date Yet As Deadline Looms

When exactly is the 2014 Massachusetts sales tax holiday? For shoppers in Massachusetts, the answer isn’t exactly clear – yet.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed legislation in June approving a two-day sales tax holiday the weekend of August 16th, 2014. The state Senate however, approved a tax holiday for the weekend of August 9th.

So, which is it? Shoppers in Massachusetts have been left wondering, waiting for an answer from the state legislature.

Many Massachusetts consumers have come to expect a sales tax holiday each August, waiting specifically for that weekend to make big purchases.

Kimberly A. of Quincy spoke about how she’s saved during past tax holidays, including on a 40-inch TV: “Waiting until tax free weekend saved us about $50, I’ll take that savings!” April P. of Woburn, a mom of two, is eager for the announcement of this year’s tax holiday: “I am thinking about appliances, like a new refrigerator and microwave.” Kristin B., a mom of twins on the North Shore, is specifically waiting to buy a bedroom set and air purifier.

With a high tax exempt price limit, shoppers in Massachusetts can save up to $156.25 per eligible item. There is no sales tax on most clothing and footwear in Massachusetts, making the sales tax holiday weekend quite popular for back to school shopping for school supplies, backpacks, computers, and software.

Massachusetts is one of sixteen other states to offer a tax holiday to consumers in their state.

In all but one year since 2004, Massachusetts has held a sales tax holiday weekend for single items of tangible personal property costing $2,500 or less. Motor vehicles, motorboats, meals and certain tobacco products have been excluded from the tax holiday. Due to the recession in 2009, a sales tax holiday was not held that year.

Last year, the tax free weekend wasn’t signed into law until August 2nd, just eight days before the start of the 2013 tax free weekend.

Massachusetts legislators have until July 31st to reach a consensus on a date for this year’s sales tax holiday, when their legislative session ends for the summer.

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