Spokeswoman, Annemarie Loof, of the humanitarian group Medecins San Frontieres, also known as Doctors Without Borders, said dozens more women were raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo on New Years Day, 2011.

This attack follows the more than 300 rape and beating attacks on women that had occurred between July 30th and August 2nd in the Waikale region of Congo’s North Kivu province. In those attacks, the UN Joint Human Rights Office, “said 235 women, 13 men and three boys – many “multiple times” while robbing over 900 houses and the attackers are suspected of abducting 116 people.

In the most recent rapes, “Women had been restrained with ropes or beaten unconscious with the butt of a gun before being attacked, some in front of their children,” Ms Loof reported.  “People are fleeing the area fearing further violent attacks.” reported Ms Loof.

Over 8,300 rapes were reported in 2009 although the Mai-Mai Cheka, The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda, and elements close to Col Emmanuel Nsengiyumva, who are believed responsible, deny any such wrongdoing.  Over 5,600 woman were treated by the MSF in 2009.

In September 2009, a U. N. report blamed Congo’s security forces for not stopping the rapes and beatings when armed groups entered the villages and began attacking.  After 2009, the Democratic Republic of Congo was named “the rape capital of the world.”