Heavy snow in Minnesota has caused the Metrodome roof in Minneapolis to collapse under the pressure.

Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota are seeing a fierce blizzard that is causing hazardous conditions throughout the states. Alerts have been issues to travelers against driving in these conditions.

More than 17 inches of snow since Friday sent the roof of the dome downwards and caused rips in the panels. The stadium holds 64,000 and its dome is an icon that is normally easily visible.

Workers with shovels were inside the stadium Sunday trying to clear the field of snow.

Initial concerns about the Teflon dome arose on Friday and spawned the postponement of the game scheduled between the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings. The game was set to be played on Monday instead but the NFL has released a statement that the dome will be unavailable on Monday and Tuesday. Alternatives for the game are being explored.

The roof is held up by air pressure. It takes more air when there is heavy snow on the dome. The added weight of the snow caused the collapse and also ripped open several panels of the dome.