McDonalds After Midnight DealMcDonald’s outlets are now offering a new ‘After Midnight Menu.’

Customers will be able to mix and match their orders by selecting from items offered throughout the day, such as McNuggets, Big Macs and breakfast options like the Egg McMuffin.

Which McDonald’s restaurants will be offering the new After Midnight Menu?

That’s been difficult for us to nail down.

A McDonald’s rep we contacted would only say it will be available, starting in June, at “participating 24 hour restaurants in select markets.”

McDonald’s does have a restaurant locator online, for what it’s worth. The locator does not include information about whether or not the restaurant offers the After Midnight Menu. In fact, it doesn’t even indicate whether individual restaurants are open 24 hours or not.

If you’re traveling, I guess it’s just a hit or miss thing. Seems a bit odd for McDonald’s not to make such information easily accessible. They do have an app for that. Well… maybe we should just say they have an app. The app does not have this info either.

McDonald’s has been making lots of changes lately.

Personally, the mix and match After Midnight Menu doesn’t really do much for us here at CP.

We also give the decision to discontinue the Angus Burger a big thumbs down. It was arguably the best burger in the fast-food burger business – when done right. Only trouble is that it was too often not done right. It was great when the item was new, but over time the presentation and quality became sloppy.

And the french fries? Not sure exactly when they changed, but they just aren’t as good as they used to be.

What do you think of the After Midnight Menu and the other changes McD’s is making?

Are these the kinds of changes that will bring you back to McDonald’s more often… or are you looking for something else?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!