McDonalds New Menu Additions Hopes To Bring More CustomersMcDonald’s is counting on three new additions to its menu to bring shoppers back  to its outlets.

The first item is Premium McWraps.

The wraps have already seen fame in Europe. They come in different flavors; Chicken & Ranch, Chicken & Bacon and Sweet Chili Chicken. These wraps, which are considered as healthier alternatives to burger and fries, will attract health-conscious customers.

The second item is Egg White Delight.

This is a version of McDonald’s famous Egg McMuffin, but comes without an egg yolk. It has 40 less calories than original McMuffin. It’s being promoted as an alternative for those who are  calorie-conscious.

The third new addition is a Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie.

This smoothie is already famous in Canada, and will be a new flavor in the US McCafe line, which already includes wild berry and strawberry banana flavors.

McDonald’s is also focusing on its dollar menu and recently added a new item to that menu, a cheddar and bacon burger.

Are you a regular at McDonald’s? What do you think of the new items? Leave your comments below!